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Monday, May 7th, 2012

7:30 pm

Merton Intermediate School Library

Sockers FC Wisconsin 2012-2013 Coaching Staff


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U11 Academy Red Eddie Camara
U11 Academy White Danny Michuda
U11 Academy Blue Sean Faris
U11 Academy Gold Sean Faris
U12 Premier Academy Rob Lestina – Head Coach/Lati Ziba – Assist. Coach
U12 Select Academy Red Danny Michuda
U12 Select Academy Blue

Stojan Jovic

U12 Select Academy Purple Tommy Alioto
U13 Premier Academy Eddie Camara
U13 Select Academy Red Ryan Stone
U13 Select Academy Blue Tommy Alioto
U13 Select Academy Purple Tommy Alioto
U14 Premier Academy Rob Lestina/Ken Ward
U14 Select Academy Blue Ken Ward
U14 Select Academy Purple Zach Papanikolaou
U15 Premier Academy Hayden Knight
U15 Select Academy Blue Becka Alberg/Scott Sabel
U16 Premier Academy I Mike “Stoy” Stojsavljevic/ TC Ward
U16 Premier Academy II TC Ward
U17 Premier Academy Rob Lestina
U17 Select Academy Blue Jason Burdge
U17 Select Academy Purple Joel Falk
U18 Select Academy Red Mark Schmidt



U11 Academy Red Tom Alioto
U11 Academy Blue Jose Ruiz
U11 Academy Gold John Sorcic
U11 Academy Purple John Panos
U12 Premier Academy Rob Lestina
U12 Select Academy Red Lati Ziba
U13 Premier Academy Lovelace Ackah
U13 Select Academy Red Lovelace Ackah
U13 Select Academy Purple Raffi Shirikian
U14 Premier Academy Scott Asher
U14 Select Academy Red Jason Burdge
U15 Select Academy Red Mike “Stoy” Stojsavljevic/Hayden Knight
U16 Premier Academy Mike “Stoy” Stojsavljevic
U17 Premier Academy TC Ward


Goalkeeping Coaches

Jack Geiche Jason Burdge
Pick ‘n Save

Clorox 2


Sockers FC Wisconsin
P.O. Box 180668 
Delafield, WI  53108
(262) 369-2500 
[email protected]

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