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GotSoccer Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

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– When I click on the registration link, I cannot see “Family Registration – Existing Account”. I can only see, under Registered Users, “Existing Family Member Profile.”
You went back to the registration form from your Family Account. From where you are on the registration page, click on “Family Home” on the upper left. Then, when you are back in your Family Account, scroll down to the player name you want to register, and, lower and to the right, look for the “Register Now” button and click it. This will indicate that you specifically want to register that player, and will take you directly into the registration page with this player’s data.
– I have different pairs of guardians for different children in my family. How should I register them?
Each family account can provide communications to a single pair of guardians for all the p[layers in that family account. If you have different guardians for different children in your family, and if the guardians all want to get emails from the club, you should create one family account per guardian pair. For instance, If Dad1 and Mom1 have Daughter1 and Son1, Dad2 and Mom1 have Daughter2 and Son2, and Dad1 and Mom2 have Daughter3 and Son3, you should open three accounts:
Account1 for Daughter1 and Son1, with Dad1 and Mom1 as parents
Account2 for Daughter2 and Son2, with Dad2 and Mom1 as parents
Account3 for Daughter3 and Son3, with Dad1 and Mom2 as parents

– How do I log into my account without going to a registration link?
Go to www.gotsoccer.com, click on the User Login button in the upper right hand corner, select the “Players and Family” login, and enter your username and password in the RIGHT COLUMN, under “Family Account Login”

– I forgot to print my printable registration record when I registered.
Log into your family account, scroll down to the player whose registration record you need, click on the player’s name, then click on the “Club Registration” tab. You will find a list of past registrations, which you can print by clicking on the “Details” link.

– I cannot remember the Username and Password for my Family Account.
Go to www.gotsoccer.com, click on the User Login Button in the upper right-hand corner, the select the “Players and Families” Login. Then, click on the “Family Password Lookup” link. You can now enter your email: you will immediately receive your username and password back by email.

– One of my players already has an Individual Player Account with GotSoccer. Should I recreate a player record for him/her in my family account?
You can simply absorb the existing Individual Player Account into your Family Account as follows:
– Log into your family account
– Click on the “Add Player to Family” link
– Enter the Individual Player Account’s Username and Password under “Existing Player Account/ Import a Player”
– Voila! 

– Can I access registrations without starting from a registration link?
You can, by logging into your Family Account, and, for any of your players’ area, clicking on “View Available Programs”. You will see a list of all registration programs now current at LCU. Select the one you want to register for. Then, when you are back on your family account (GotSoccer will bring you back there automatically), you will see the program name you selected at the top. You now need to scroll down to the player you want to register, then, again, click on the “Register now” link.
If you have not yet registered for any LCU program,  you may need to click first on “Search for a Club” in the upper part of the main page of your Family Account, then select Wisconsin, search for LCU, and then select the program you would like to register for.

– I don’t understand how the Family Account main page works.
The page has two areas. The top area lists the program that you may want to register into, while the rest of the page shows the players in the family that you may want to register. You need to first display, at the top, the name of the registration program you want (by searching for it, under a player’s name, through clicking “View Available Programs” or “Search Club”). Then, once you have the right program displayed at the top of the page, you must scroll down to the player that you want to register, and, in this player’s area, click on the “register Now” button, which will bring you to the right registration page.

– Why do each of my players have their own Username and Password within my family account?
If you want, when clicking on a registration link, you can enter their individual Username and Password in the Existing Account/  Individual User Account and enter directly the registration page with their data. But we think that it is simpler, in the general case, to follow the workflow we recommend in our registration instructions, as well as less likely to get you into trouble.

– My individual players’ Username and Accounts are ridiculously complicated. How can I remember them?
You never need to use them if you follow our recommended workflow. But you can change them to whatever you want (as long as it is available) by clicking on your player’s name, then changing their login Information in the lower left-hand corner.

– I use a password database, but it does not seem to work with my club account. What am I doing wrong?
If you use a password database, please note that GotSoccer, our online registration database, uses two URLs in its operations, one on gotsoccer.com and one on gotsports.com
. Your registrations may need to be stored twice, once for each site.
– Why didn’t I receive an email confirmation of my registration?
The registration email receipt for a registration will go to the player’s email if it is different from the parents.
– Who can I contact if I am stuck?
Contact our club administrator at [email protected] or 262-369-2500
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