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Monday, May 7th, 2012

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Winter Training
2012-2013 Academy/ Select Winter Program

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The 2012-2013 Winter Program is our first post-merger program. It is ground breaking for us, and, our DOCs and coaches think, for any club in WI as well. Most win-win casino book of ra kostenlos! Manage to collect your winnings!


The Winter program is divided into a Baseline Program and an Additional Program. We designed the Baseline Program to give a very strong skill-building foundation to our kids, and at the same time be affordable to all: it is available to all members for no additional coaching cost except for pass-through gym fees. The Additional Program adds more clinics and playing time, but at some additional cost.

Baseline Program

  • Twice a week practices from November through March, divided into two sessions, in November-December and January-March, in club-provided gyms. No cost except for pass-through gym fees, shared equally among all participants
  • 12-week coached Futsal League in Jan-Mar, providing at least 10 games, already pre-paid with the regular Select fees
    • Free Friday clinics January through March, no registration necessary – just show up

We strongly recommend that all players participate in the Baseline Program. The only out-of-pocket cost consists of gym fees, equally shared between all players, amounting to approximately $100-$150 per player, depending upon participation – the more players, the less cost.

Additional Program

  • 5-week skill clinic, in November-December, in intense 90 minute sessions focused on ball skills, for $75
  • Brookfield Indoor Soccer Sessions, on a team by team basis, coached by the team coach for $35 per player on top of session cost
  • (Academy only) Brookfield Indoor Individual Registrations, where the club will assemble a team and coach it through a session, $90 for Session I including BISC player card and team shirt.

What Comes Next

  • Your Team Manager will ask you this coming week about your participation to Baseline – tell them your player will be there!
  • Registrations for all programs will be open exactly between October 6 and October 14, with a registration discount for the first week-end – and late fees for stragglers – so no time to lose:-). Check your email, and register right away!
  • Address all your questions to your Team Manager. If they cannot answer right away, they have a Q&A session on Monday October 1 where they can bring all their questions. They also have direct access to the club for hard questions.


I am not sure what to do. What should I sign up for?
Sign up for Baseline. Baseline is our core, it will provide over 40 practices and 10 games to your player, and it only costs your share of gym rental fees, approximately between $100 and $150 per player.

Do teams or individuals register to Baseline Practice Sessions?
The club will give every player access to Baseline practices, regardless of whether other players on the same team commit to Baseline sessions. Players register individually to Baseline sessions.

Will my team practice as a team for Baseline?
Each team will practice as a group in Baseline practices IF a good majority of the players commits to the Baseline. If only a few participate, we will try to keep the players together, and we will append them to another team’s Baseline practice.

Should I sign up for Baseline if most of my team cannot?
Yes. Soccer skills are forged in winter. Winter practices have a sharp focus on ball handling skills and, in the older age groups, small scale tactics. What we have seen every year is that players who participate in winter practices come out in spring with significantly better individual skills compared to other players who did not. Baseline practices will make you a better player.

Will my team participate as a team to the Futsal League?
No. The DOCs will build even rosters.

Will my team have the same coach for Baseline?
In general, teams who have a good majority of their players commit to Baseline will practice with their coach. There will be exceptions, as some coaches are not able to coach winter sessions. If a team does not have a full contingent of players, it will share a gym with another team for Baseline practices. The two coaches may decide to make specific arrangements about combined coaching, alternating who coaches which days etc. – this can result in teams being coached by two coaches during Baseline. Fully rostered U13+ Select teams, if all their players participate in Baseline, will in general get their own gym.

Should my team do a Brookfield Indoor Session?
The first priority is to get your players in Baseline – it has the most impact of the players’ performance and the most bang for the buck. If the kids can and want to do both, great. If they can do one, it should be Baseline. Please make sure that your team manager check compatibility first, before committing a team to BISC.

Are Brookfield Indoors Sessions compatible with Baseline?
Not always. Baseline Session I is from November 6 through December 16, and Baseline Session II is from January 5 to March 28. BISC Sessions dates are Oct 22-Dec 23, Dec 27-Mar 4, and Mar 5-Apr 19. Play days vary by age, and may be on week days or week ends. BISC sessions fully overlap with Baseline. They can be incompatible with either Baseline practices, of Futsal League, or both. Please make sure that your team manager check compatibility first, before committing a team to BISC.

Coming to Baseline Practice
It is OK if to miss some practices, or one practice out of two, due to logistics or other sports commitments. Send your player to Baseline even if she/he can’t make all practices. It is better to have some practices than none.

Coming to Futsal League Games
A player who signs up needs to come to the game – or they will let down their team if it has to forfeit due to lack of players. It does not mean they cannot miss one or two games due to important conflicts. But there is a moral obligation to be there.

I cannot afford Baseline
Talk to the club – we will do what we can to make it possible.

Do I have to take both the Nov-Dec and the Jan-Mar Practice Sessions?
No, although it would be best for your player’s fitness and skills. However, if players only come to one session, that session should be Jan-Mar, so as to tune them for Spring.

Proximity to the practices?
We will work very hard to make sure that the practices are close to the team or within easy commute. We should be fairly successful in this exercise.

I can’t commit without the dates
We will schedule most of the practices on two consecutive days, or on Mon-Th, so practically all players can make at least one of the days. For those who really cannot, they will have a SHORT period of time to cancel after the schedules come out. So this is not a valid excuse – get this kid into Baseline:-)

Why did the club pick futsal rather than indoor soccer for Baseline?
Two reasons: ball handling skills and injuries. In indoor soccer, players can hit the ball into the boards, and the ball remains inbound. In futsal, the players must keep the ball inbound by not allowing it to go outside the lines. For this reason, futsal is a better accelerator of foot skills, and is widely seen as being the better winter sport for soccer players. In addition, particularly in the older ages, we see children playing the boards in indoor soccer get into extreme physical contact, significantly beyond what we expect in futsal.

Where will the Futsal League be held?
All games will occur between Sussex and Oconomowoc.

Do you have more information about the winter program?
More detailed information about the winter program can be found
Click here for Winter Program Details

We are all excited to see this program – that we wanted for many years- come to life. Soccer skills are forged in winter. This program will make all of our children better players, with tougher fitness and higher skills.

We strongly recommend that your player participate in the full Baseline Program, even if she/he cannot make all practices for logistical reasons. This program will build skills and teams, and we worked very hard to make it affordable to all. If any player wants to participate but cannot for financial reasons, please talk to us and we will do all we can to make it possible.

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